Gypsy Rose Poem by Jak Black

Gypsy Rose

Rating: 4.8

Where do you go to Gypsy Rose,
When you retire to your bed?
Where do you go to Gypsy Rose,
What dreams play inside your head?

Are you wandering across the desert plain?
Are you walking the woodland glade?
Are you sailing the oceans, deep and wide,
In search of a love that strayed?

Do the tears roll down from your almond eyes?
Do your lips still quiver in sorrow?
Or are you deciding which disguise
You'll hide behind tomorrow?

Dwell not in regret, sweet Gypsy Rose.
Time will heal your aching heart.
Open your arms to the future, Rose.
Welcome in a brand new start.

Tomorrow's a new day, arise and sing.
Dance to your heart's delight.
Sever the chains that bind you,
To your errant plastic knight.

Don't run to your future, Gypsy Rose.
Tread cautiously, be aware.
Perceived perfumery, Gypsy Rose,
Might merely be hot air.

Monday, February 22, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: future
Bri Edwards 06 March 2016

open 'your' arms BUT don't run to the future. not bad advice. unless you want to be a professional running back or soccer forward, or marathoner. i like that you did not force rhymes into each line. when i moved from stanza one to # 2, i wondered if Rose was a sleepwalker. there once was a stripper named Gypsy Rose; same gal? :) bri

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Lyn Paul 05 March 2016

May every Gypsy Rose read these words and see hope.

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Simone Inez Harriman 23 February 2016

A lovely poem Jak. What appears to be so attractive may not be what we wish for...10

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Margaret O Driscoll 23 February 2016

Beautiful poem Jak, yes all that glitters is not gold!

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Edward Kofi Louis 22 February 2016

Perceived perfumery, love is the key; as you are seen everywhere. Nice piece of work.

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