A Fresh Start. Poem by Jak Black

A Fresh Start.

Rating: 5.0

The old man sat in his fireside chair,
His old dog lay at his feet.
Silence, pregnant with regret.
Answers incomplete.

"What if? " He asked his faithful friend,
"What if you die before I do?
Or if it happens I go first,
What will become of you? "

"It's been just we two for many years,
Family have we none.
The closest of bonds we share, my pal.
You're my surrogate only son."

The old dog opened just one eye,
Sees master prone upon the chair.
His eye then closed, his final sleep.
Two pals, no longer there.

Their lives they lived together.
In death they ne'er will part.
For somewhere in the great beyond
They'll make a fresh new start.

Monday, December 28, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: loyalty,friendship
Bri Edwards 13 August 2022

But think of the stink it would cause, esp. during a hot weather week, IF they were only discovered after a week or two! Maybe 'God'/She knows what she's doing after all. bri ;)

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Bri Edwards 13 August 2022

oops! (cont.) ...IF She existed/exists, cared, and had the power and compassion. IF.

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Bri Edwards 13 August 2022

Well She COULD make it happen, but....that's if

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Bri Edwards 13 August 2022

I concur with Smoky Hoss, below. five stars it gets from me. Why can't 'God' make two such companions die together, and peacefully? ? ?

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Smoky Hoss 30 March 2022

This is such a good poem. Incredibly good.

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