Dad Poem by Jak Black


Rating: 4.8

You left me with a broken heart,
I wouldn't let the teardrops flow.
Although, inside, I fell apart,
I couldn't let it show.

I hid my feelings way back then
But really don't know how.
You come back to me, time and again,
Behind this furrowed brow.

You put the spirit in my soul,
You guided when I yawed.
It's you that taught me self control.
You mapped the route I trod.

You gave me strength when I felt weak.
The inspiration to be bold.
Sound advice when'ere I'd seek,
From your heart of pure gold.

For what I am, it‘s you I owe.
Regrets, I have but one.
You didn't have the chance to know
The man that is my son.

Monday, January 9, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: love,respect
Simone Inez Harriman 08 April 2017

A lovely tribute to your father and a wistful moment on how you would have loved your father to know your son.10

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Lorraine Colon 19 January 2017

What better way to remember a loving father than with a poem. Your words of admiration for him are interwoven with love and respect and a deep felt appreciation for all that he was. A stirring tribute.

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Tom Allport 09 January 2017

a nice tribute poem for a dearly loved and missed father.

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