Gaza. Poem by Jak Black


Rating: 5.0

She was such a pretty child,
And so much loved her dad.
Her mum had died two years ago,
Each was all the other had.

Playing there in the noon day sun,
In the dust, debris and grime,
Waiting patiently for her dad
For it was his home time.

She saw a figure wend its way
Down the busy street.
It was her dad, each waved a hand
The other for to greet.

She ran so fast to meet him
And he quickened his pace.
It brought a teardrop to his eye
To see the joy upon her face.

They were only feet apart
When the missile came to ground,
The explosion caused lumps of concrete,
Glass and steel to fly around.

The little girl stopped in her tracks
Her colour drained away,
Dad reached down to pick her up,
His face now ashen grey.

In his arms he held his darling child.
How could he say goodbye?
Her one last smile was for her dad
As in his arms he watched her die.

She died there in the noon day sun.
Midst the grime, debris and dust.
An innocent child in a Gaza town.
This has to be unjust!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: sad
Bri Edwards 12 March 2016

She saw a figure wend it's way .........its; hope you don't mind. Lora says this cannot be read without tears welling. well, i am not insensitive, but there are no tears. if i were the dad i'm pretty sure there would be. yes, unjust in a sense, but who determines what is justice? ok, i should slap my face for writing that! i did not mean..... all people, indeed all creatures should live peaceably in a utopia if i had my way, but.........well, i don't get my way. the poem is very well written (but you knew THAT!) . I LOVE the rhyming.. bri :) to MyPoemList

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Lorraine Colon 23 February 2016

A well-written poem that cannot be read without tears welling. The sadness is truly felt by the reader.

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Dimitrios Galanis 23 February 2016

Very very sensitivelly penned ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Simone Inez Harriman 23 February 2016

Terribly sad poem of the insanity of war. How devastating the consequences are.

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