A Freshmen's Tale Poem by James Bost

A Freshmen's Tale

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day 1 i was exposed to
a new generstion
i felt so

girls girls girls
and better looking...GIRLS

everything seem so.......

teenagers with facial hair
i had a lor something
ones that looked grown
they thought i was a upper classmen

high class people
seniors popurlyknown
bigger environment of teenagers

my name got around the school fast
because of me being a
football superstar wrestling and track anker leg

the upper classmen respected me
teacher like me
coaches like me
girls feeling me

found 2 friends
stuck wit them throught the whole year
stuck like family

had no problems
no fights no suspensions

just a good freshmen year
class of 2012

Brian Jani 13 May 2014

Wow, nicely written

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Stephanie Starr 31 July 2009

I love how you write about your experiences in such an honest way.

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Arabian Heart 17 June 2009

A time to start things a new A time for fresh blood To start out great Expected to end great But sometimes it's not all that cracked up to be Live your life the way you want and write more to me

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great job :) I'm now a sophomore yeah your school seems easier than mine Unique

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James Bost

James Bost

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