A Stranger's Embrace Poem by James Bost

A Stranger's Embrace

Rating: 4.3

The feeling inside so emotional
Impact hard from this stranger
Giving me the effection well deep
Like a long time relationship
My lips touches her
My hand touching every part of the body
My mind is salacious
As I salute her body
Comfortable inside
I tounge her down
Taste of sweet candy
The smooth skin on this redbone
And the legs
With the kiss to her neck and ear
Now she felt becoming into the moment
Making her react
To rub softly and gentle on my chest and back
I felt the same
Sharing the same air
exsposing the sight of imaginary romance
Demostrated on one another
Her body recline
She pulls me on top
I continues the job
But fogot her government
For this ones chronicles
To come to a final
It ends with a hug

Stephanie Starr 31 July 2009

Such a beautiful way to describe a thing of nature. great job.

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Arabian Heart 28 June 2009

A time and a chance 'In the heat of passion' as they say You demonstrate How this Can still happen Everything seemed so right and for that the poem is a success

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another great poem keep wrighting Unique

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James Bost

James Bost

Baltimore Maryland
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