Watching From Afar Poem by James Lee Watts

Watching From Afar

What is this statue of beauty stood before my immature eyes?
From which part of Gods kingdom has she fallen?
Does she know I have seen her?
Quick, look down quick before she spies,

Those eyes twinkle softly, deep brown eyes telling a thousand stories of love,
Her skin glows so softly in the elegant moon, causing my body to freeze,
The dress she wears seems to ooze style, exaggerating her curvaceous body,
My soul becomes entwined with a stranger, leaving me breathless,

Love, an experience I have yet to feel, still pure and untouched,
Do I dare go over? Disturb this elegant swan?
I feel my feet twitch; as my leg lunges forward… my mouth goes dry,
She still hasn’t noticed me; I spin quickly, facing the lake once again,

My heart still racing, my lungs still fighting for craved oxygen,
I ask myself, does this image of pure burning passion have a name?
My heart is glowing like a diamond encrusted ring, shining for my queen,
What am I feeling? How did this silent dove make me feel like this?

Move! I scream inside, go over to this vision, get her attention,
Slowly I start to edge towards her hesitantly, feeling faint,
Imagining endless scenarios of what is about to happen,
But non-of these are what I unbelievably witness,

A bold, classy gentleman proudly swaggers over to her,
Reaching out his powerful hand, grasping her and holding her close,
Dragging her away from me, shooting me down,
Engaging my body into rage and never ending pain,

Did I love till now? Have I ever lost anything with such extreme importance?
So I slip back into the now lifeless party, reeling on what could have been,
Astonished that I loved and lost in one soft summer night.

James Watts
October 2005

Lare Austin 21 January 2006

Hi James...I believe you are now becoming a very fine poet. My gosh...this is a wonderful display emotions and wonderment and feelings that are right on the target. I like how you build the entire piece carefully into a crescendoing climax that has a most perfect ending. Perhaps just one correction...on just this one line... 'How did this silent dove make feel like this? ' You may want to inser the word 'me' between make and feel...other than that...this is very well done...very well done... Lare

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Peter A. Crowther 21 January 2006

Well it takes us like that sometimes! Keep writing.

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