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the rain is falling on my car window,
the pain has made me fill with sorrow.
I can't look you in the eyes anymore,
even though you have eyes that I adore.

Chewy, fun to eat
don't let it get stuck on your seat
Blow a bubble as big as you can,
Don't pop it on your nan

im stuck on a poem
i dont no what to do
i no the words
they just dont come through

you see them everywhere,
sitting on a bench, sharing a chair,
it kind of makes me sad,
it makes me think how your so glad,

if laughter is the best medicine, what is love?

i see you,
but you dont see me.
i hear you,
but you don't hear me.

i thought i wouldn't fall again, I thought this was the last time,
but now, of course, i am going to rhyme,
about how you stole my heart from the very start,
he left me there in tears,

there is glitter everywhere,
even in sally's hair,
what are we to do?
the glitter is all over you.

even though i'll be hours apart
i'll always be thinking of you
moving away to make a new start
i know i'll be feeling blue

i never thought i would see you again,
but there you are, my best friend.
i thought you were gone forever,
but now your hear so it's now or never,

i see it in the sky,
i can't tell what it is,
i can only tell that it is red,
it falls so strangely,

It doesn't matter anymore,
it doesn't matter that you made me so sore,
you are long gone now,
it actually makes me kind of proud,

I always look fine,
happy and laughing,
but if you look closley you'll see the tracks of my tears.

You can't just sit and watch the world go by,
You can't just stare at the birds flying high.
Sometimes you have to get a little crazy.
Sometimes you have to get a little loud.

i cant take it anymore,
u just drive me crazy,
your just so fat and lazy,
get up of the couch,

what do you do when he breaks up with you?
dont cry for hours stuffing your face,
all that food will go to waste,
it wont help, u cant just sleep,

every day i end up sad,
every day i end up mad,
its always something to do with you,
i dont no if i can stick it through,


its cold as ice, winter
the rain is pouring down,
its so sad, it makes me frown
when im stuck inside all day,


i wake up in the night from a nightmare.
I can't sleep, for me its not that rare
i think about the good times
walking down the path hand in hand,

he always pops up in my dream,
the boy i have never heard of or seen,
what is he doing here?
is he lonely?

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im not the best at poems but i try hard.writing is my passion.)

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Final Bow

the rain is falling on my car window,
the pain has made me fill with sorrow.
I can't look you in the eyes anymore,
even though you have eyes that I adore.
I see your house fade into the distance,
I want to go back but i resist.
I was out of line, I know,
but you should have tried to follow.
We use to be close,
you use to tell me you loved me to most.
But that is in the past now,
its time for me to make my final bow.

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good young lady.. good writer.. would be better int he future.. cant wait till then.

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