I Hope Poem by jasmin bell

I Hope

Rating: 5.0

i thought i wouldn't fall again, I thought this was the last time,
but now, of course, i am going to rhyme,
about how you stole my heart from the very start,
he left me there in tears,
you took away all of my fears of falling in love again,
with you my heart started to mend,
I thought I could handle just being your friend,
but now that he is gone, now that I only have you,
I hope that you love me too.

Allemagne Roßmann 28 December 2009

In feathers of love Flew the ray of a hope In girdle of a man Blew the rhapsody of a white dove Saw she her antelope its not him coz he is gone It is no more fears coz they flapped away With pristine dropp of tears Its here, yeah over there............it wharfed Everywhere Ah! I am blinded In the citadel of him His cyrus love awaits the breath of my veins Warmth of his love flows in butterflies - i paint them blue when i have his no clue Dab them red when am afraid Feel the myriad plunge of a squashed orange First time i say yes oh yes the sky, this sky my sky is so blue............in feathers of love in feathers of my love............ Wonderful write-10 cheers.Ray Do read my A Christmas-singing her soprano

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Justin Unanue 27 December 2009

Interesting poem. A girl finds a man to replace the heartbreak of losing a man. The rhyme scheme was good, as was the timing. A sound poem, but it didn't do anything remarkable either.7/10

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are you in love? who is the dude? aw usual good melodic piece

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Ala Elouri 21 December 2009

Wow very beautiful, i swear this poem is very nice. im looking forward and im so eager to read more... Keep this up girl! :) <3

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