Jenny Molloy

Rookie (24/2/1993 / dublin)

Jenny Molloy Poems

1. Never Forget You 4/26/2009
2. My Alone Death! 5/3/2009
3. Last Night! 5/3/2009
4. Far Away Home 5/3/2009
5. Tomorrow 5/3/2009
6. I Hate You! ! ! 5/6/2009
7. Crash! ! ! 5/7/2009
8. Treasure Chest! 5/8/2009
9. Roxanne My Dear Friend 4/27/2009
10. Mistress 5/2/2009
11. You 5/9/2009
12. I Miss It Al! 5/18/2009
13. Vinny! ! 5/20/2009
14. I Promass My Self! ! 5/23/2009
15. Unamed 5/23/2009
16. My Lies 5/24/2009
17. I Have A Name! ! ! 7/13/2009
18. My Angel 10/23/2009
19. Remember No More. 10/5/2010
20. My Year! ! 5/19/2009
21. Phone Call.. 5/8/2009
22. Squeeze 5/6/2009
23. The House 4/26/2009
24. The Rock 4/26/2009
25. The Last Year! ! ! 5/19/2009
26. Please Dont Leave Me! 5/3/2009
27. Hero 4/26/2009
28. Love Dies 5/20/2009
29. Knock 4/26/2009

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Standing out side the door to unhappiness I took my last breath of freedom.
I would of done any thing to run.
A million questions left unanswered.
Knock, please lord help me.
Knock, I held back my tears.
I could almost see your heart brake, your sole crush, your little bit of faith was gone.
I hold on to the pain of telling you, I can remember my words clearly.
I hate the fact I had to tell you.
But I just could not lie.
I had to take every thing away from you that cold morning.
The sadness over trough me, it all happened so fast.
A few words change a ...

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The House

A phone call in the middle of the night can scear a lot of people,
A million questions run trough my head.
Are my family at home? Are my family save? What about my friends?
A scream from a room upstairs will shake your bones, give you quite a shook.
The sound of your alarm, ringing inside your head.
My biggest fear is not this, it is not some thing that might come as normal scears.
Mine is to come home and not here a sound.
To not get a friendly hello, or a note to say where they have g

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