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Standing out side the door to unhappiness I took my last breath of freedom.
I would of done any thing to run.
A million questions left unanswered.
Knock, please lord help me.

Father, father please don’t leave me.
I need you to stay with me.
Trough the good times and the bad,
Help me stand tall.


My hero is not a like the rest, mine has changed over the years.
A 5years old would say a cartoon creation, children are inanest, they don’t know my pain.
At the age of 9 its manly a fiction carter from moves, but there not real, they are only imaginary.
As a teen we don’t use hero’s in every day life, there to child like.

If I were to tell you how you make me feel, it would take a full year.
All you would have to do it look out your window and take it all in.
A young bird needs his mother like I need you.
A dog wants his owner the same as I want you.

Dressed in all black,
I try to breath,
Slowly I walk trough the big wooden doors.
A million eyes are on me,

The last bell rings, the English voice says goodbye.
Class room like a battle field, running for the door.
I sit waiting for them all to go, take it all in.
One year fly’s by so fast, only started yesterday I taught.

My phone book is full of people,
All driftnet sorts.
From friends to family.
But when I see your name,

The smell of burning tires as I hold your hand,
Squeezing your fingers even tighter.
I hold my breath, must keep calm.
The love bugs in the back scream,

A phone call in the middle of the night can scear a lot of people,
A million questions run trough my head.
Are my family at home? Are my family save? What about my friends?
A scream from a room upstairs will shake your bones, give you quite a shook.

A rock stands still, it can not move.
The wave’s come in, slowly droning.
One day it happened to change.
No more wave’s.

A year has gone now, but not a day passes by when I don’t think of your old happy ways.
The endless story’s that mam used to tell, the ones that aren’t talked about now.
The laughs and jokes we try holding onto, the pain and tears we try letting go.
We remember the old friends that did appear, and the flowers that they did send.

Close my eyes,
Hold my breath,
I clear my mind.
Tiers flow down my face.

Tonight I kiss you,
Gently on the lips.
But when the morning wakes,
I shall sneak out!

Home to me is a place far away,
A place were I can be happy.
Home is the feel of a strong summer breeze,
Wrapping around me.

Tomorrow I will take on the world,
I will have the energy to fight back.
I will stand up tall,
And say what I believe in.

I cant wait for the day I can leave,
Take of these chains that do surround me.
I cant wait to be free,
To fly like a bird,

The cold ground ageist my face,
I struggle to move.
My ears can heir crying,
My eye’s can only see pain.

You can stop yourself crying,
Lock up all your pain.
Put it in the treasure chest,
Trough away the key.


I came home today,
Crying from them fools.
I don’t know why,
I still get upset.

I don’t know if you can here me any more,
I don’t know what I would say to you any way.
I try falling to sleep but you’re the only thing on my mind,
Your pretty face and perfect smile.

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i grow up in a small town in dublin. i still live here and am very happy and live with family. from a small age i loved storys and poems. i have wrote many short storys but poems are me dream. i can get away from the world by writeing. i love it! i feel as if i can get me feelings accross more cleary by writeing. if i am sad or happy i write. all moods i am in i pick up the lap top or a pen and it just comes out. i also have wrote a few songs that have been read by a few people and hope to further that path.)

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Standing out side the door to unhappiness I took my last breath of freedom.
I would of done any thing to run.
A million questions left unanswered.
Knock, please lord help me.
Knock, I held back my tears.
I could almost see your heart brake, your sole crush, your little bit of faith was gone.
I hold on to the pain of telling you, I can remember my words clearly.
I hate the fact I had to tell you.
But I just could not lie.
I had to take every thing away from you that cold morning.
The sadness over trough me, it all happened so fast.
A few words change a life.
I never new your feelings to the full till that day.
I never new you could love some one like that.
Knock, lord stand by me.
Knock, I left my feeling to one side.
Please help me trough this day.
Help me trough this conversation.
Knock, I am falling to my knees.
Knock, I am sorry.

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