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Clear Blue Sky

Oh! It feels so nice to watch
This crystal clear blue sky
As my heart seems up a notch
To see a view this high...

Clouds (Haiku)

Forever In Love

"From the moment
I laid my eyes on you
that beautiful monday
morning years ago

The Mist Of Love

'The mist of love
That flows in the air
Is felt in the heart
That truly cares

Walk With Me

An empty road.... this peaceful night....
As evening breeze, blend with street lights

Though far are we, from city's glow

Jesus Diaz Llorico Quotes

31 May 2016

'It's better to write fewer poems but with sense and twists than to write a thousand poems but full of rubbish.'

27 October 2016

Everything around you is beautiful it's just a matter of scrutiny.

29 October 2016

'Poetry is a state of mind and not a profession It's purpose is to entertain and to gain attention.'

15 November 2016

'Our life is always accompanied by a song if time has ripened and we're past our prime music is there to begin life all over again.'

Jesus Diaz Llorico Comments

excellent poems. you are great in explaining your feels. i invite you to read my poem

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Jesus Diaz Llorico 22 September 2013

Thank you very much Mr. Philip Andermann.

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Philip Andermann 20 September 2013

The beauty of this divine and gentle poem truly brought tears down my cheeks.

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Aya Faustino 02 February 2020

Nami kaayo

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Jesus Diaz Llorico 16 January 2021

salamat Aya, halong

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sdvsvds 27 January 2020

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Berna 31 December 2019

Dear author can i used your poem for my youtube voice over

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Jesus Diaz Llorico 16 January 2021

sure, you can.thanks Berna

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Materrance 15 July 2018

T love to write a poem for you guys

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Jesus Diaz Llorico 13 October 2016

Thank you Ms. Sarah Ali

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