Procession Of Words Poem by Jinnuraine Jaigirdar

Procession Of Words

In a lonely life without friends, only a beaten body survives,
The whole mind is full of endless moving words in archives;
The procession of restless words is constantly going on in the brain,
The pain of suppressed words makes the mind a restless terrain;
The power of words, screaming, claiming an exit in the air,
Becomes the sigh of Khudiram the revolutionalist in despair;
The struggle of words become relentless tower of movement,
The slender edge of the terrorists whip grow in my system.

Sometimes the mind becomes angry, Surrender in the dark world of deppression,
The endless power of the frozen words, struggles to find ways to heaven's rendition;
Stacked words, never sleeping on a dormant volcanic farm,
Sometime wake up violentlly, dispersing hot lava in the flames charm;
Sometimes the imprisoned talks, become the impeccable saying of the slogan,
Violent rebellion, become the turbulent vehicle of the restless, unstable societies blow-gun;
Burning the fence of restrained words, the fire rises in the peak of turbulent violence,
Sometimes the afflicted, tormented soul, becomes frozen burning in silence.

The scope of friendship in the world is wide, endless to defend
Sometimes a classmate, a colleague, a spouse in a happy family becomes friend
Sometimes a colleague or a sympathizer in the trend
Sometimes father, mother, children, relatives & kins can lend.
Sometimes guru-disciple-priest, imam-priest-deity can give hand;
O'Man, find your in your world a friend!
Blow away the thunder of the words that are deep in the mind to abend,
Let the society become free thinking, free voice & free writing independent land.

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