'Joy Bangla' Slogan Poem by Jinnuraine Jaigirdar

'Joy Bangla' Slogan

My inspiration is delighted by the slogan 'Joy Bangla',
My freedom is enchanted by the slogan 'Joy Bangla'
My struggle is written by the slogan 'Joy Bangla',
My nationality is decorated by the slogan 'Joy Bangla',
My awareness is vibrated by the slogan 'Joy Bangla',
My freedom is reflected by the slogan 'Joy Bangla'.

My inspiration is gloomed by compulsion.
My freedom is violated by compulsion,
My struggle is veiled by compulsion,
My nationality is frightened by compulsion,
My consciousness is suppressed by compulsion,
My freedom is suppressed by compulsion.

And in Compulsion
My disobedience get awakened,
My trumpet get resounded,
My soul get Vibrated,
My existence is shaken,
My revolution becomes sanguineous,
My rebellious power becomes active.

Joy Bangla (Let the Bengal be victorious) is the slogan of heart of Bengali people. Recently this slogan has been declared as the nation slogan and utterance of this slogan has been made legally binding (Mandatory) in many public and private domain. This compulsion is cursive.
Unnikrishnan E S 21 February 2022

4. So that everyone has everything and everyone lives a life of peaceful, contented coexistence. This is the world I dream of.

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Unnikrishnan E S 21 February 2022

3. And the millions of army men move to farmlands and make more food and produce the basic necessities of human beings, ….

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Unnikrishnan E S 21 February 2022

2. So that, countries shun their expansionistic policies, the political boundaries of nations, territories and states are erased. Let us hope for a day, when the trillions of dollars spent on arms is available to address the poverty and misery of the poorest of the poor..

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Unnikrishnan E S 21 February 2022

It may be true that like charity, Patriotism too begins at home. But I believe we should come out of all the restrictive patriotic fervours. We need to emancipate our own soul to that of a world citizen. (Contd)

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Chinedu Dike 21 February 2022

An insightful piece written with conviction.

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