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I thought it was about time that I rewrote this. It’s not that I have anything more to say. It’s also not that I have anything less to say. It’s just that I wanted to replace one example of nothingness with another. It can be so satisfying sampling different slices of meaninglessness, don’t you think?

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How Much Do I Love You?

'How much do I love you? '
I ask myself again.
All the way to Jupiter,
And half-way back again,

Autumn Sonnet

Each second leaves fall one by one to ground,
And languidly caress their neighbours one
By one, as if in fond farewell. The sun
Still smiles, but weakly now, as though it’s bound

Arm: Needle

Arm: needle;
Needle: arm.
Can’t wait for you
To become better acquainted.

A Puppet's Cry

Picked up once more, like marionette,
And then flung down again.
How can anyone forget
That puppets too feel pain?

Shallow Beauty

It's unlikely but true -
Your physical attraction
Entertains me
On so many levels.

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Louise Levicky 09 March 2007

Thank you, that's kind. I do not expect Apollinaire has that effect on heterosexual males, no. :) I liked Autumn Sonnet, I like the fact that the form is subverted with the off-beat rhythm. I find personally that the rhythm is the thing and much more powerful than rhyme in all things.... anyway, nice.

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