How Much Do I Love You? Poem by Jon Lloyd

How Much Do I Love You?

Rating: 5.0

'How much do I love you? '
I ask myself again.
All the way to Jupiter,
And half-way back again,
And then around the Milky Way,
Then round just like before.
From Birmingham to Blackpool
And multiply by four.

THAT much (plus a bit!)

©2005 Jon Lloyd

Faith Elizabeth Brigham 10 November 2005

nice job...i enjoyed reading much? ? ? Bunches and bunches...yeah, THAT much!

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Eila Mahima Jaipaul 10 November 2005

what a wonderful poem... very nice -Eila

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Sallie Howson 14 November 2005

wonderful fun poem..going on my favourites

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Judy Alegria 16 November 2005

Great poem-put a smile on my face. I'm not sure what it reminds me of but whatever it was a good memory.

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Jerry Hughes 16 November 2005

I don't know the localities to which you refer, but it sounds and reads very well..

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Carmalin Sophia 08 March 2007

that was cute n sweet lil poem awesome write!

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Zana Gg 07 March 2007

this was such a sweet poem i loved it: D thank you for sharing this poem with us

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Katie Lowery 06 March 2007

I like this one, your good at ryming!

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June30 Tara 01 February 2007

its really a cute poem, Jon. Loved reading it. Tara

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Original Unknown Girl 18 January 2007

Yes cute, though Blackpool could be replaced with Brighton (slightly more glam! !) still Blackpool may be of significance so what do I know? Nice write! HG: -) xx

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