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How far will I go
to win back your love.
From sea to sky,
or stars to cove.

My favorite mistake
keeps stringing me along.
It reminds me of the place
I used to belong.

Oliver Cromwell
Need I say more?
A member of parliament
The lord protector

Don't be surprised
if I don't answer the phone.
I would much rather
just sit here alone.

Stepped on
and kicked to the curb.
I try to explain
with one single verb.

As I lay there motionless
sinking into my bed,
I think of all the things
I wish I would have said.

So lucky to recieve cause
for recognition and applause.
I couldn't budge from my seat.
The competition was hard to beat.

I'm walking through a valley
where everything is bright.
No more anger or depression,
nor hot tears of spite.

Time moves swiftly through
taking youth away.
There is no past or future,
only now, here today.

My best friend
is the person for whom I care.
No matter what the odds
my friend is always there.


That bathroom

I went in,
never came back out.


The sky caves in.
Pressure from above,

Hurt in the worst way
Cut deep once more
Familiar pain lets tears and blood combine
Sorrow drips from a heart left alone

I'm moving past the lies and deciet.
I'm moving to a place I can belong.
I'm going away and never looking back.
Where no one can tell me that I'm wrong.

were the only
who kept me lonely.

I sit in biology
Droning along
Nobody's right
But nobody's wrong

look away little girl
go rest your sweet head
the grown ups are talking
get tucked into bed


Why can't I just move on?
He never really loved me.

And all this time,

11 days
since you left home.
I've just been waiting
here all alone.

I can't be true
When all you ever want
Is something I can't do

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To My Love

How far will I go
to win back your love.
From sea to sky,
or stars to cove.

When will enough
be enough.
When I'm with you
you only act tough.

I know there's a soft
sweet interior.
Please stop feeling
mediocre and inferior.

I've loved you
since the year we met.
You've had my heart
caught up in your net.

You don't have to act
when it's just me and you.
I know who you are
and all the things you've been through.

Who you are
is not who you were.
Please let go
of the past and of her.

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