Sylvia Frances Chan July Poems

The Fourth Of July 2018 (2)

Today is the Independence day of the USA
but I do not want to create a poem about that, oh nay!

it is the first birthday of my first grandchild

The Forteenth Of July 2018

For My Dearest,
Congratulations TODAY On This Engagement Day the 14th of July 2018
carefully and with much Love formulated, just for you....

14 July 2020....

Profound Compunction(Nov 2015)

Deep targets in my Dutch rational
this morning brisk, verdant, impetuous and vital

The Fourteenth Of July 2020....

For My Dearest,

Congratulations Today On Our Engagement Day the 14th of July 2020
with much Love and Care created, just for us.

Happy Birthday Vinhie On The Fourth Of July!

My Baby A Blessed Birthday
On The Fourth Of July!
My dearest Vinhie,
tomorrow is your BirthDay,

Member Poem Of The Day On 4th July 2018.

No words today, only my question:

Is the Poemhunter. poemsite on Facebook THE SAME as Our Poemhunter. poemsite right here?

The Fourth Of July 2018

Vandaag is het de onafhankelijkheid van de USA
maar daarover wil ik niet een gedicht creƫren, oh nee!

het is de eerste verjaardag van mijn eerste kleinkind

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