Sylvia Frances Chan Poems

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The Breath Of Life

The Breath Of Life
To smell The Sun
to feel The Wind
to breathe the Fresh Air from within

Grow Old With You?

Grow old with you?
Come on, sit down on my knees
I'll tell you about the butterflies and the bees
Now I am still young forever

Silence Is The Entrance....

Below the water surface
I put down my foundations
to build a house
with a tiny room

Inspired By The Lord....

Inspired by The Lord
(Psalm 133: 3)

How pleasant to live in harmony

Dr. Pintu Mahakul, Heartiest Congratulations To You!

Dear Dr. Pintu Mahakul,

Heartiest CongratulationsTo You!

A Poet´s Heart

Last night so cold my dear,
I'd been waitin' you came not to my ear
where were you, my love
gone I was shocked, prayed to God above

Bumblebee Honey....

Your voice is like music to the ears
your whisper is like the soften breeze
you may wander daily anywhere, but never lose the way
I'll remain still healthy even though I sleep outside in the hay

For Peace Of Mind....

Good Morning, Good Noon, Good Afternoon and Good Evening,

For Peace of Mind

What Is Love?

Love is love as we all understand
as far as our mind and heart can comprehend
it is the most caring heart at hand
and the sweetest mind to understand

Back From Beauteous Normandy....

Back From Beauteous Normandy….

I still remember the light blue skies
touches the bright seablue horizon

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