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Rating: 4.8

The way she described that kiss...
with you...
The way you lied to my heart,
that was true...

The way she knew exactly how you felt...
and said...

And all the words that I read...
And all the words that she said...

again, and again...
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Ashraful Musaddeq 15 September 2008

A very nice poem, well composed.10 for it.

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very nice mournful but hopeful...life continues.

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Rosalinda Martinez 25 October 2010

Your poem is sad... It elicits some deep feeling. Thanks for sharing. Keep writing.

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Reetessh Sabrr 04 April 2009

tuching Kali..but why XXVII?

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Dark Gurl 55 19 January 2009

ur poems are really describing me..lol awesome..i lov it

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Fay Slimm 20 December 2008

So pleased to read your work so far Kali and as has been said you have great freedom of expression in your poetry so you will find more to write about in time I am sure. the appeal is sincere in this piece - and keep writing...... best wishes from Fay.

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Dear Kalli Abyss. You write with your heart. The poem says that you are a sensitive heart. I give it a 9..and I wait for you to send more poems, to showe your full talent (and trhen take a 10) . Keep working on various themes. You can soon achieve a lot of things. I am sure about this. Joseph S. Josephides Member of the International Society of Poets (ISP) ILP awarded

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