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~was It Just A Dream? ~

Rating: 4.9

Can I let you go now?
Can I watch you leave?
Want to shout it out loud...
'Please...remain with me! '

Was it just a dream, Boy?
Was it just a search?
You were searching something,
maybe not too threat...

You were really sad, Boy,
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Reetessh Sabrr 04 April 2009

to put forth our long lost thoughts is well expressed..in time!

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Mifael Llauderes 29 January 2009

perfect meter... alternating 6 and 5 syllable lines.. almost musical. very well written. glad i came across this poem.

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Dark Gurl 55 19 January 2009

veeeeeeeeeeery niiiice poeeem.. this is for all your poems 10+++++ i luv it soooooo much.. <3 good job hun, ,

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Carl Harris 16 September 2008

This is a very deeply heartfelt poem, Kali, clearly one written in the ashes of the heartbreak that so often accompanies first love. In such situations, many teens turn to writing, particularly poetry, to express their emotions and quite often, become poets eventually. This fine poem shows you have a talent for expression, one that should not be overlooked or cast away. One of the great things about first love is that it teaches us how to deal with love and relationships, and prepares one to better understand love and relationships for the next time one comes along. One of the great things about life and being young, is that you will surely fall in love again, and probably with a better and more sincere person. Carl.

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Ashraful Musaddeq 13 September 2008

Soft and sad. Very nice poem. Love it.

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Besa Dede 09 April 2012

Very heartfelt verses Kali! Beautifully expressed feelings ~Besa

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Anna mimi 05 April 2010

So so beautiful. I don't know why.. and this happened to me for the first time.. but I heard a melody in my head that went with it the first time I read it. :) Really well written. Love it

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Afzal Shauq 02 October 2009

You said that Forever -On that night I cried! - You said that together -Why you hurt me, why? ! - a heart feeling dream and yes dreams are sometime nearer to actual situations but dreams are dreams and thanks your dream was just a dream..liked this poem and written well..well done

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Ashraful Musaddeq 31 May 2009

Very touching composition. Love it with 10+++

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Sameer Ahmed 09 April 2009

Seperation from the adored one is indeed a very difficult moment and one always wishes that this moment would have been a dream and nothing else.......You have described these feelings in a really nice poem...........10/10 Best Wishes Sameer

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