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To My Immortal

We were just friends, nothing but friends
Was it june or july?
When I first met, when I first met
The person who change my whole life.

You were so sincere, You were so divine,
A boy in the clothes of a man.
You joke all along, You laugh, never cry,
I though that this friendship could last.

One night I feel lonely, One night I feel sad
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Besa Dede 09 April 2012

Your poems are burdened with pints of sadness, Kali. They are beautifully composed artistically, but they have sadness. I hope the sun will shine again for you. Never give up. :)) ~Besa

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Afzal Shauq 09 July 2010

sure it a lovely poem with rich idea

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Winnie Angel 23 August 2009

Sweet memories are rare so hold it in ya heart..it always gives good feeling though it hurts to know it to be no more....Winnie

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Anthony Williams 26 June 2009

the poem is good i like it a lot

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an amazing write! it is similar to the poem 'Annabel Lee' but without the death aspect to it..brilliant work!

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