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Secret Love

My heart may not be so cold
nor my eyes so crystal clear
as the glaciers, but I am bold
enough to tell you of my fear
That you might have been the fire
to set ablaze my stonecold heart.
And do not tell me of desire,
for you have only heard a part
of the tragedy within me.
Of the secret or so called lies.
It is not so easy to let you see
behind the ice within these eyes.
To let you in, though I want to,
proves more difficult than it seems.
If I desire to be with you
I must shatter anothers dreams.
This does not make you any less
worthy of my secret love.
I only long to confess
not only to the Lord above
that though my heart belongs to him
it wishes only to be free
and your heart alone to win,
and finally have your love so sweet.
But I am brought back to reality
by the pain of my desire.
You are the secret love in me,
not only love but loves true fire.

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Katherine Rhodes Popularity

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