A Mockingbird's Love Poem by Kathryn Miller

A Mockingbird's Love

Rating: 4.9

I sit here looking out my window,
And there atop a tree,
Happens to be a mockingbird nest,
As I peer over my shoulder,
Into that little perch I notice a miniscule bird,
He looks at me and chirps,
And I see his mother come swooping in,
She looks at me with pure dismay,
And then turns away,
She cuddles him and gives him some food,
One last glance in my direction,
And then she's off,
But she hasn't really gone,
No, she's waiting around to protect what she loves,
What is so interesting is that she is an animal and it's her instincts,
But we are the 'superior' race but with all that goes on,
When did that instinct leave us?

Melvina Germain 05 August 2006

Ah, but when, yes. The more I read your poems, the more I love them. It's too bad I have to leave for work soon. I can see this would have been a most relaxing morning of reading. Thanks again Kathryn Melvina

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Uriah Hamilton 31 July 2006

Humans have to remind themselves to love...but it is beautiful when they do.

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Duncan Wyllie 13 June 2006

A very interesting view point and you have put alot into this one, it addresses the reader, a connection that allows us to ponder Thankyou for sharing your art Love Duncan X

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