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Hate (11/7/08)

I hate to smile
I hate to laugh
I hate to giggle and grin
I hate to skip

A Cruel Earth

Oh how arrogant the birds are
Boasting their wings that soar across the open sky
Bragging of their freedom with chirping laughter

Drowning (1/10/10)

Heart as dark as a lifeless night sky
Or a black sea, silent and still
And in this night sky she is falling
And in this black sea she is drowning

A Perfect Couple (12/25/09)

People called them the perfect couple
Always cheery, Always smiling
Holding hands wherever they went
But through time he began to forget

Broken (11/2/09)

She does this
He says that
Tension builds in both wounded hearts
Someone yells

If I Sit Alone (11/7/08)

If I sit alone crying will anyone bother to find me
Will anyone care enough to look
Does anyone even know I'm gone

Love Me Forever

I've lost the battle inside
And its taking me over
This feeling I have
And oh how I long to tell you

Lost (11/6/08)

We are no longer together
Your very far away
Even though you once said forever
Even though you said you'd stay

What Will Happen To Me (11/7/08)

Is it wrong or is it right
Do I have the right to fight
The feelings deep inside of me
Or is this how I'm supposed to be

White Rose In Hand (11/2/09)

White rose in hand
Face down on a bed of broken dreams
Her heart sleeps in the epitome of broken dawn
The sun will shine no more

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