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I am a lover not a fighter but I will fight for what I believe in. I love my poetry and I love to write it. I think poetry is the one of the only reasons why I am dealing with life instead of running. I don't hate my life I just hate some of the people who have come into it and then destroyed it. Almost all my poems are about love and not in a good ...
Popular Poems
I walk a path that has no end.
It seems to go on and on.
Never comes to an end
and has no light.
I Hate That I Love You (Remix)
I hate the way you can look at me
and I get lost in your gaze.
I hate the way you can see past
my looks and see who I really am.
Brothers Till The End
Taken from me and returned to our mother Hera.
You were my brothers by blood and at heart.
And now you lay separate,
Only one is allowed to return to the heavens,
Being Me
Is what I am so bad?
Is being pure so bad that I get mocked
Is being who I am what makes me so different
Because I don’t follow what everyone else does?
A Simple Little Letter
I love you is all want to say to you.
I do I do love you, sure it took some time but I know now that I really do.
I love you with all the little tiny fragments of my broken heart.
But no now that I want you, you want nothing, nothing to do with me.


William Drews 30 March 2014
It is wonderful to see the feeling for life that you have.
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Connor Whyte 01 April 2012
I think you have the heart to do so well In life and it always gets better. I love your writing as I love your words. Stay strong and things will clear up.
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Daniel Warner 19 March 2012
Very nice poetry it was a nice.Oh yeah Hi
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I can't reply to the message you sent me. It said you won't allow people to message you
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I read a poem of you for the first time today, and its for the first time I see or comment on your work, I also gave my self time to Read your biography... And onE thing I can say, I LIKE YOU... And I want to know you even more better, am slightly old with age... But what I have to learn from your writting is even more older than me, you are a great writter, one who is admired! Keep doing your thing
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Metin Sahin 08 February 2012
write from you inside as you wish.that means poem: Good wristsing little girl.Congrul
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John Hancock 04 November 2011
Your words are very powerful and thought provoking you have a strong sense of thy self and have set healthy bonderies around you well done take care and be well
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Dina Acuna 01 November 2011
You write amazing and from the heart so continue to do what ever helps you through your problems. If its writing then contiinue somwtimes you diont have to see someone for help writing soothes the soul sometimes. Continue what your doing it is great!
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Justina Haner 01 February 2010
ur an amazing poet! ! ! u can actually prolly get some of these published someday. keep writing i love ur poems
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