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At day's end, I have no other thought,
but to see you, and no other
that, is the dream I have always sought,
and for you to always be my lover.

Expect the unexpected
believe the unbelievable
for no one can escape the grasp
of Death's favored evil.

If I had one wish
I would give it to you
because I know
I'd be the one you'd give it to.

You never told me
to take care
because now I see
your heart was never there.

Tremendous corruption and greed
overwhelm a young boy's soul
he looks towards elders and plead
although he doesn't realize the world is cold.

Mirror, mirror on the wall...
Who will be ready to catch her when she falls...
Mirror mirror you see im not big nor tall...
But tell me please, tell me I can be her all...

I can't go on
my journey is over
now I rest where I belong
because my spirits will never be lower.

If I can stop one heart from breaking
you could always bet thine
for mine is always yours for the taking
even though yours has ceased to shine.

Your beautiful brown eyes
To me resemble
The Sands Of Time
And to not love you

Lust is blinding
While love is true
Love gathers souls in binding
As lust cuts trust in two.

So as I lay my heart down
I set a goal of your heart
To be in my sight.

It's a matter of time
For all to come to this
So don't go all night cryin'
Just ask me for that kiss.

You told me I was wrong
you told me I wasn't good enough
I said that I was strong,
but you still didn't believe in us.

Life is like a game
you can get to the top with fame
if you don't have fame you're just the same
as the bums by the open flame,

Our love is a love in which is sought
by all the people we have come to know,
but I hope you'll forget-me-not
just like the flower in the snow.

Towards thou darkness I will beckon
upon these travels my thoughts will be collecting
for the day you are found
I promise your last breath

For I wish
That you'll be here
Not just for me,
But for you to see clear

I just want to make a simple poem
that will always win your love
because to know I'll have you at home
will make the angels jealous above.


Never ending;
loneliness spending
so much time looking,
but this friendship will never be pending

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At Day's End

At day's end, I have no other thought,
but to see you, and no other
that, is the dream I have always sought,
and for you to always be my lover.

At day's end, it's your voice I hear,
its the one that calls calm and quiet,
almost like your so near
even though I can't even buy it.

At day's end, I yearn for your touch
as I hope you do too
that is why I love you so much
because, I know you do too.

At day's end, you wait for me there
down by the shore, so we can talk,
as I run my fingers through your hair,
we step on the beach just to walk.

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you are not soon to be creative, you are already creative. Your writing is phonomal. I wonder where you got your gift.

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Neetha Sasidharan 05 May 2012

though u hv started to write an year ago, , , , it doesn't seem like that....it's like their was an inborn talent in u which burst out last year...'believe is a superb poem.....

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