Ken Suh Poems

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My Happiness

Happiness is when.....
I see your loving face
I hold it in my hands
and prepare for an embrace

Will You Stay With Me?

I saw a couple walking by
fighting with each other
The noise made some sparrow cry
my heart was painfully bothered

Jealously My Crime

I hate myself for my sin
my one and major crime
My body feels as weak as tin
the bones much thinner than a dime

A Life...Without You

'what would it be like.....not
to hold your angel hands?
Not to kiss your blushing cheek
so smooth and soft like sand'

World Of Darkness

Waking up to a dark dreary world
the drug is in affect
My head has gone off
where is this place?

Have You Forgotten? .........

Have you forgotten? .......
how we first fell in love
you were simply sitting there
an angel from above

An Evil World

The world is made of many places
with different people, many races
With love and hope, joy and laughter
from morning light, to darkness after

Glance Again

I thought that it was finally done
the end of drama, time to gun
The feelings false, though once thought true
would finally die, burn down with you


Diamond of the sky

a shining symbol see

To Stand Among The Star Drops

Stars, your emblem thus known to man

To me, child that views, enraptures