An Evil World

Rating: 5.0

The world is made of many places
with different people, many races
With love and hope, joy and laughter
from morning light, to darkness after

But our world has another face
a whole other people, land, and race
It’s not always what you think
somehow those two worlds link

In a alley comes a man, eyes in anger…rage
in fury of heart he takes a knife…stabs
Freeing the evil from it’s cage

…..This is Murder

Comes a woman with a man...unwisely they’re alone
the women trust him with some pleasure…but
The consequences have been sown

…..This is Lust

Two good friends have a party….one amazing…one a dope
the dope is angry that his friend is dazing
He imagines death on a rope

…..This is Hate

A child lying, crying, dying…while his mother is beaten
hit and smashed, pushed and thrashed…while the child whimpers
His love, joy, faith is eaten

…..This is Fear

People dying, stealing, lying, no matter where they be
Pain, hate, fear everywhere, anywhere to see
A sinful world it will stay, till God, one day, returns
Destruction, death, evil… all the earth learns

…..This is our World…our Evil World

Bianca something 31 May 2009

wow that was amazing i loved it you know some people just don't know the truth of our world but i loved it keep it up

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Dark Gurl 55 27 March 2009

woow.. am speechless ken! ! that'z the gr8est poem i've eva read b4.. i truly loved it.. gud job fwen.. keep it up

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Crystal Torres 24 March 2009

WOW u left me speechless! ! ! ! ! it is absoulutly amazing! ! ! and hey i think that this is one of the best poems i have EVER read! ! ! it deserves wayyyyyyyyyy more than a 10 maybe a 100000000000000000000000000 or idk its just REALLY good ^.^ keep it up

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Justice For All 23 March 2009

waaaaaaaaw i can not say any thing... i think it's the best poem i ever read 10+++++

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Heather S 23 March 2009

this is an amazing and so true poem about the world around us today great poem Heather Stephens

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