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My Happiness

Happiness is when.....
I see your loving face
I hold it in my hands
and prepare for an embrace

Jealously My Crime

I hate myself for my sin
my one and major crime
My body feels as weak as tin
the bones much thinner than a dime

A Life...Without You

'what would it be like.....not
to hold your angel hands?
Not to kiss your blushing cheek
so smooth and soft like sand'

Will You Stay With Me?

I saw a couple walking by
fighting with each other
The noise made some sparrow cry
my heart was painfully bothered

World Of Darkness

Waking up to a dark dreary world
the drug is in affect
My head has gone off
where is this place?

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Leslie Ching 15 January 2009

for a beginning, you have great potential as a blooming poet...excellent work you have here... Leslie Ching

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