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From The Unknown Land

In the land unknown
There lived two ineffable lovers
Who daily met on a bridge
Built between banks of a river.


Voices from depth came till lips
Could not dare to come out
Just peeped outside through the eyes
Filled with tears of anger and sorrow


My eyes and limbs were tightly tied
I was lying in a dark place.
I tried a thousand times to be free
To uncover my hidden face.


There was silence in my heart
And my eyes began to weep
My hands on my cheek
But my knees were far too weak

Guardian Angel

As soon I realize I am awake
I see devils rampaging ahead,
And as clearly as afar I can see
Their target isn't anyone but me.

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I am surprised this young and dynamic poet has never before been rated by me. As the saying goes, ' better late than never', I am to add a few words of appreciation on Mr Ketan Hukare. Ketan is crafty and choosy while penning down the poems involving himself in the whole of the exercise. His poems have a remarkable splendour of nostalgic delights and well perceived individual insight into the depths of life in all its confusing identities. Ketan, it is expected will now better concentrate on the diction and grammatical compulsions as they are inevitable ahead to win the attention of poets from the English speaking countries. ALL THE BEST TO THIS YOUNG POET GENIUS.

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Just a kid who never grew up....

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