Distress Out Poem by Kezang Dawa

Distress Out

Rating: 3.4

Distressed out

Why I was born in this world

Into a broken home?

I wish I could have died

Before leaving the womb.

My life is a jock: a living tomb.

I've searched high and low

Through the window of my world.

To find my long lost mom and dad.

Where are you?
Have I been had?

Set apart, my heart feels spread.

Oh God! Help me find my folks and

Free my soul from all unspoken,

I may as well not be alive:

It's like living without light.

Poem by, Kezang Dawa (Driver)

Rigzin Namgyal 20 May 2012

..may be u were born to write..life is the most beautiful gift that God has bestowed upon us.. ..pick up ur pen and paper..life will be very beautiful...

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Ramesh Rai 23 May 2012

Cong. my friend, u r a great star. I am pleased to note your life. u r xlent. never look back. i like to have a long conversation with you due to your delighted life. my email and face book is given in my profile. keep it up.

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Edward Kofi Louis 18 August 2016

Living without light! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Anil Kumar Panda 18 August 2016

Don't lose your heart. There is always hope for everyone. Nice write. Deeply emotional.

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Savita Tyagi 18 August 2016

Haunting questions life throws upon us. We all are touched by it one way or other. You found a great way to express it. Thanks for sharing.

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Ratnakar Mandlik 18 August 2016

A very sad and touching poem narrating the great grief of the unfortunate. Congrats for it's selection as member poem of the Day.

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Tom Billsborough 18 August 2016

I feel your sadness very deeply. A very fine poem.

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Unnikrishnan E S 18 August 2016

Hi Kezang, A poem on the woes of being orphaned. Heart-rending. Exquisite poem, on hurt imposed by fate. Nobody to complain to. The entities who one would look up to in agony- the parents and God Almighty- have easily/readily abandoned the child. The question remains: Whose fault? No wonder, the poem is selected poem of the day!

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Clarence Prince 18 August 2016

Even a life in living in darkness is yet better than no life! Be faithful there is hope for the living!

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Rajnish Manga 18 August 2016

You might have undergone some trauma or a tragic phase at some point of time, but the fact that you are here as a gifted poet in the company of so many others, makes you unique. Why I was born in this world / Into a broken home? / I wish I could have died Before leaving the womb / My life is a jock: a living tomb.

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