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Rookie (11 april 1994 / Canberra)

kirilee S.. Poems

1. People 5/9/2007
2. Lovers Tree 7/22/2007
3. Poems Are... 9/13/2007
4. Oh What A Mess On My Desk. 9/13/2007
5. This Poem Inspiered Me! ! 9/27/2007
6. Humming Bee! 2/12/2008
7. Matt The Cat 2 2/20/2008
8. Remeber 2/20/2008
9. Lets Take A Walk My Love! 2/22/2008
10. Matt The Cat 11/4/2007
11. I Live 3/13/2008
12. My Love 3/19/2008
13. Hear Come The Drums. 6/11/2008
14. Dream 7/15/2008
15. Not A Poem 7/15/2008
16. To The One Who Make My World Spin 9/10/2008
17. I Wish 11/16/2008
18. ..Bleeding Earth.. 12/13/2008
19. School 12/20/2008
20. Dream, Rest Your Head. 6/9/2008
21. Love? ? 1/7/2009
22. Dreams Of You 1/15/2009
23. A Kiss Goodnight 4/29/2009
24. Thinking Of You 4/29/2009
25. Poor Daddy Fell Into A Pond. 9/11/2007
26. Square Bear 10/8/2007
27. Where Was I Mid-December Or Was It Mid-Novermber? 9/13/2007
28. Healing Heart 1/6/2009
29. Choices 8/31/2008
30. True Love 6/6/2008
31. I Wont Change Your Life! 11/8/2007
32. My Best Friend 5/24/2007
33. Dream A Dream 2/29/2008
34. Where Did The Love Go? ? 1/7/2009
35. Burning Flames 1/15/2009
36. I Dont Have A Tittle Yet.... 6/9/2008
37. Why Do We Fight 5/22/2007
38. A Winter Day 3/19/2008
39. The Guy That Caught Her Eye 9/13/2007
40. Dreaming Of You 2/22/2008

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  • Kirilee Steep (5/17/2007 5:41:00 PM)

    soz for any spelling mistakes i make! !

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Best Poem of kirilee S..

A Poem About Me!

this poem is about me!
you might think i like to ware make up to hide my ture identade
but that is wrong!
i like to run and play in the mud!
i like to play video games & chat with friends.
i like to sing but not alone
i have a very caring nature.
i dont wear dress i like to wear boys clothes
i cant be verry smart at times but i am verry dumb
i can't spell yet im in the highest ranking english class
im very good at sports and ive done neally every sport you can name
ive been loved by many but none realy mean it!
this is me and if you dont like it you can ...

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Poems Are...

poem are thoughts from the heart and soul.
These are my thoughts for you to enjoy.
poems are a great way to express you feeling.
poems are a great way to seek reveng or to write a secret love letter on the one you adore.
think about what poems you write and think on the impact the have today.
all the tears they have on the world.
all the smilles on someones face.
to wirte and laugh and type and enjoy.
so enjoy the poems i am writing now to laugh and cry at what i write.

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