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If it's Allowed
In Bright Stars,
Without Seeing Time,
I Want To See,

I Quest For Safety, I Buried My Wishes,
I'm Fighting Above All The Fears.

Throw Me In Hell, Nor Hate But In Envy,
My Victory Pinch, You Plan Ruin My Glory.

NEVER Have Thought I
Mystery Of The Daylight.
I Can Be Out Of Breath,
If I Try To Count.

Deep Down Inside My Heart
Much Crowd In It
Some Are Important
Some Ordinary

My True Account,
From My Head To My Toes.
I'm Not, What Thy See
Don't Want Me "TO BE A SAINT "

If Ever You
Pay Attention
Very Closely
And Listen

And Gradually I'm
Losing Myself,
Every day, I Notice

When Sun Beams Expire
And Careful Thoughts Retire,
Listen Of Soften Flute,
And Saw Dancing Fires.


A Pray For You,
May ALLAH Shower
HIS Blessings
And Your Heart Fills

A Desire From My Core Heart!
In June's Sun,
Under A Thin Shadow Of Tree,
On The Sand Of Thar Desert,

The Sun Goes Home,
Right From The Moment,
Take My Hand In Your Palms.

Following Breeze
Will Whisper Secrets,
And You Realise
How Isolation Speaks.

Mark My Heart For The Grace Worth,
Between The Heaven And The Earth.

Palaces Are Built Only For Entertain,

Lost A Worthy Relation,
Moves You Towards,
Panic And Barren Lands,
Lost Trivial Never Hurt,

In A Risky Way,
It Seems I'll Catch
The Glimpse Of Eternity.
I Want to Explore A World

Moist Gone, And Sun Encompass,
My Thoughts Scatter,
My Moods Fragile And
Fascination Out Of Range,

A Walk With You
By Holding Your Wrist
Through All The Ways
YEAH! I Want A Walk,


What A Strangeness
Lying Around,
If Some One
Do Wrong

Heart's Own Resolution, Will And Feelings,
Hardly Listen, Barely Accept To Others.

Like To Something, Dislike Many Things,

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Dream Of Seven Colours

If it's Allowed
In Bright Stars,
Without Seeing Time,
I Want To See,
ADream OfSeven Colours,
Without Blinking Eyes,
To Hold Your Hand,
A Promise,
That Never Changes Its Shade,
Though Time Will Pass,
It Will Remain In Minds,
And Shine In Eyes.
From Heaven To Earth,
In Secret Of Stars,
That's What I Would Keep Along,
A Moment I Won't Let It Go,
Is The Moment Of Love.

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Elliott Rosenberg 16 January 2020

You are truly gifted. I wish one day we can meet and share poetry together. Create a memory. With kindness Elliot (Lazaro poeta)

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Akhtar Jawad 08 May 2019

From the birth place of Allam Iqbal, Konab Ghumman is a poetess having a thinking mind and a versatile pen for changing her thoughts in her philosophic poems.

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Prabir Gayen 06 April 2019

Konab is a very talented poetess...Go ahead...God bless you.

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Huma Mir 16 March 2019

I like your poems ma'am.your expression of writing wonderful.Very wise and sensitive poetry. Your poetry is equal parts magic, insight, and thoughtfulness. Simplicity and love of life reflected from your feelings. May Allah grant you success

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amna amna 15 March 2019

KONAB GHUMAN is a gifted and sensitive writer with a keen senses, philsophical approach and irony that make your poems a pleasure to read. You are also an adventuous spirit attempting to learn, discuss and utimately improve our human condition through compassion and understanding. I'm currently engaged in writing joint adventures, which is giving me great pleasure and enjoyment.Have a nice day and and live a long and prosperous life. keep that ink flowing.

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Konab Ghazanfar Popularity

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