kyvin Nash Poems

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Poetry In Motion

I'm music, I breathe to inspire
I'm all that engrosses the soul,
As water to earth, as wind to fire,
I breathe life into a song.

Winter Is Coming

Prophetic woes plummeting across places
I've seen this misery and fright drawn on faces.

Winter is coming as my pen dwelt,

A Thorn From A Rose

Hugs and kisses,
Our forever:
Love brought us here,
Our endeavour.

Nguni: A Tribe Bloodline

A DNA of wonders!
We became this evidence,
From our forefathers,
Gathered from a coincidence.

Not Love-Shy, But Clumsy

I don't love well
I'm too kind...
The type easily blind,
The kind:

Africa Listen

A voice crying down the path-ways
Those ever flowing streams
Trees of these recent woods in deep extremes
This undying hope echoing on the rocks,

Buy Me A Blessing

Buy me a blessing fill my vacant mind
Its been a decade on a job hunt-
But still, I have found none...
Its been a piece here and there, that's stunt.

A Day Without You

oh God!
It feels selfish and faithless,
as it comes unleashing a feeling pure heartless.

All I Need Is Love

Love me now...
I'm in a dire-state,
Don't wait for tomorrow-
For tomorrow will be late.

Watchman, What Of The Night?

I will not hold my peace...
And let some man determine a life for my kids,
The very reason I want to speak.
I've watched the world do as it pleases,