Winter Poems: 300 / 500

Winter Is Coming

Rating: 5.0

Prophetic woes plummeting across places
I've seen this misery and fright drawn on faces.

Winter is coming as my pen dwelt,
As sharp as a sword, this tremors are felt.

Its freezing embrace so vile and severe
Winter is coming like a harsh, sharp piercing spear.

These colourful flowers with their bowed heads,
Winter is coming all the bloom will fall dull in shreds.

Heartless as it comes turning everything stone,
Yes I've seen it all, unforgiving and biting to the bone.

Winter is coming how far will these-go,
Uprooting these unsheathed inner-core.

Pressing thistle chills deep in our pores,
Winter is coming surely like foes.

All fell before my eyes, ruptures across the spheres,
This unforeseen a decree frozen in nature for years.

Winter is here, alerts from the high watchers,
As we stumble to batten down the hatches.

As time shifts shadows of lights painting grief,
Winter is coming I can hear the sounds of gnashing teeth

In this thin freezing air all will vanish
Winter is coming, proclaiming a vanquish.

Creeping under our feet, cold and devouring
Winter is coming its long, dark blanket sprawling.

All this spring and heat will be dead in the past
Winter is coming declaring an unforgettable cast.

Winter Is Coming
Saturday, August 29, 2015
Winter Poems: 300 / 500
Topic(s) of this poem: hardships ,sickness,disease
The pain and suffering coming to the world as prophecies say, the changing of times, the wars, the coming destruction
Lyn Paul 10 January 2021

An excellent poem on the harshness of winter.

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kyvin nash 12 January 2021

Thank you Lyn Paul!

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Dr Dillip K Swain 17 April 2021

All fell before my eyes...keen observation of natural disasters.. Your title invited me to go through this wonderful work... nicely put

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Rebecca Navarre 17 April 2021

Very powerful and heart moving imagery! .. Ever so deeply expressed! .. Definite 5 Stars! ..+++++

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Luo Zhihai 19 January 2021

Winter is coming. In fact, spring is not far away.

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kyvin nash 20 January 2021

Yeah Luo, we going Autumn soon this side...! ! !

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Susan Williams 12 January 2021

Creeping under our feet, cold and devouring-----that is where my freezing starts--the feet on that cold cold ground--- very good choice of cold details in this poem---5 stars

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kyvin nash 12 January 2021

Indeed Susan, thank you for the 5 star rating!

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Susan Williams 12 January 2021

I've seen this misery and fright drawn on faces.----these words plunged me right into the heart of this poem---a vivid sketch of the misery on their faces! excellent!

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kyvin nash 12 January 2021

Thank Susan, as harsh as winter is, so is the situation we face on this planet, pandemic, wars...all kind of harsh viruses and the worse is yet to come!

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