Not Love-Shy, But Clumsy

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I don't love well
I'm too kind...
The type easily blind,
The kind:
Thus hard to find.

This emotion is sickness
Maybe my greatest weakness,
Though I utter no slickness...
To this I stumble like weak-knees.

When I'm in love...
I fall in deep:
Like a stupid glove,
I lose my grip.

Between my head and my heart...
Sweet words, I mumble and scramble,
Me and love get drifted far and apart,
Love is a struggle or a fumble.

I panic in love:
I blow hot and freeze,
All my charming suave...
Seize to exist.

When in love, I become timid:
I can't smile neither do I jump for joy,
When in love, I'm clumsy and rigid,
Love please...teach me this ploy.

Not Love-Shy, But Clumsy
Monday, January 11, 2021
Topic(s) of this poem: blind love
Someone who act stupid and clumsy when they're in love. Either they become stupid or they panic, losing their composure and mess things up.
Diane Hine 14 January 2021

I expect that most of us can appreciate the feeling. Very good poem

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kyvin nash 14 January 2021

True....thanks Diane!

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Varsha M 11 January 2021

Yes you reflected a very important topic on love...yes in love we lose our control over self but don't make such blind thst fails see the truth...i agree with this notion. Thank-you for sharing.

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kyvin nash 12 January 2021

Indeed Varsha M, thanks a lot for reading! ! !

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Dr Dillip K Swain 09 May 2021

The poet has very explicitly divulged his weakness... brilliant

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kyvin nash 08 April 2021

Thank you for votes and comments my P.H friends, I'm inspired and encouraged, to write well and best...sorry for replies, I've tried but they're not going through!

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Deluke Muwanigwa 27 March 2021

Great words. Keep practice you will fall nicely in love

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Bri Edwards 17 January 2021

Gee, Kyvin, if you reacted, as illustrated, to a love-move from me, i think i'd run very quickly from the area, empty-handed and forlorn. : ) bri

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Captain Cur 15 January 2021

No stranger am I to your wise words above. Well written.

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kyvin nash 18 January 2021

That's motivation Captain... Thanks a lot!

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