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Thank you for listening to me
For all the times I wanted to talk
When I need you most
You made the stars shine so brightly just for me to see

I'm trying to figure out, Should I believe the things you say
Because all I've been getting are broken promises
and shattered dreams that fades away into the sky
Everytime your mouth babbles all I HEAR ARE LIES.

I remember the day I came into the world
You was so happy that I came into the world
I remember as a child, You told me thayou would give me the world.I remember
the dollar bills on the Christmas tree

L -O-V- E the word that's being passed around like a wet noodle that is limber and weak.
People always say this word but don't mean it at all.
I beleive this word should be used if you geniuely mean it.
Love sometimes hurt especially when you are loving


Love is so sweet like honey
It feels so wonderful
it makes you so high
like you floating in the clouds.

As I look in the mirror
I see all my flaws and impurities
I have.
Wondeing WHY I look so deformed

Hey, YOU I see you everywhere
You go and eveything you do
Here you are married
to one, But sleeping with another

So much depend upon the sunbeaming
Down hard on my face.
Thw dew in the morning on the flower
Flowers blossoms in the spring air

Around and around we go tossing words around to eachother
Just like a merry go round, The hurtful words you are saying to me
Cut through my heartso deep like a razor blade.
You made a promise to me that we was forever

Hello Mr.Dirty Man I've been watching you
You don't know my name, But I know your game
Here you are trying rob, steal and KILL
Just to get one night of a high thrill

To Whom It May Concerns
I'm just a kid who wants be held and protecred from everything that is bad.
To Whom it may concerns I'm woman that wants same respect has a man today.
To Whom it may concerns I'm looking in the mirror and I'm see everything in me that I want to change on the outside


He's stands six feet tall and women if you see him
Ya'll will want it all
The smile, The eyes and the hair.
A man like him comes very rare

Here you are growing inside of me
I touch my stomach to feel you kick
To me that's pain
But to God it's life waiting for you come into the world

In your eyes I see pain and sorrow
In your eyes I see emptiness that
you are lost and you can't and don't
want to be found..

Hey you, You are playing a dangerous game
You are trying to push me to the edge.
Please don't push me, Because it is hard for
me to put my alterego Torrie back in.

I cry out loud, But no one hears me
I'm trying to figure out what should do
Make myself available or step up my game
But you still don't hear me

Have you ever fought so hard for something
and the more and more you fight
The lesser and lesser your body shut down
Have you ever wanted love from your Biological parents

We use to Laugh and Talk
Now it's silence between you and I
I can see the pain in your eyes
It's like you are trying to keep me happy

There is only one love for me
I have only one heart to love
I have only one heart to adore
These feelings I can't ignore

Save me O Lord from the dark beast SATAN
For I am a wretch unclean.
Save me O Lord from myself
For I may see, do, or touch things that is impure

LaShawanda Ivey Biography

My name is LaShawanda N. Ivey.I was born in Charlotte, N.C. I FELL IN LOVE with poetry when I was 7 years of age.The person that inspired me the most was my Grandmother Maggie Pittman. But I found poetry as my way to express myself. I hope you enjoy reading my poems. My Favorites are Egar Allen Poe, William Shakespere, Maya Angelou and the list goes on and on. I am trying to write my second book. ALL THESE POEMS MEAN A LOT TO ME.)

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To Someone I Adore

Thank you for listening to me
For all the times I wanted to talk
When I need you most
You made the stars shine so brightly just for me to see
For that I thank you
You told me open my heart
And let you in
You will be with me
Even until the end

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