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There i cut your lips with every lie you spread
slit your wrist for every mistake you ever made
blinded your eyes with every tear you shed
These games you played and the

Broken_up i gave up
trying to scream to save
what never would have lasted
where you stood was obvious i made


Many days i thought i needed your support
Many nights i thought i needed your warmth
No matter when, where, and why i
Always thought of how much i had been needing you

How is this story suppose to end?
i'm trying to close up
and since my heart's been crushed
i don't know how to love.

Your words so alluring
our innocence destroyed
trapped, smothered, neglected, bored
nothing you've ever shown me

i will never be who i was yesterday
haven't you noticed how one day i'm
happu, content, and opne, the next i'm
shallow, cold, and unaware closed to everything

Why do i feel like I'm losing something I never had?
I sit here waiting for some kindof clue a sign
to face the lines between this rag book.
my faded dreams blurr into a distance and I no longer exist

As cold as your heart may seem now

i bet the words are just as frozen

i needed a real reason
to overdose on you
it's the fear you'll not be real
wake me with the tears you shed for me

I stood from way behind
and shut the door to you
your patience wearing thin
i let you in what a mistake it's been


Torn between their words and mine
lost within hurt to close to bear
scars hidden from the eyes
but sewn to the heart


how do you find yourself lost like before?

i have pushed further, further from this
strict disaster

'I'm afraid to be weak and yet he is dying and all he can show is courage; why can't i be you? '

i never knew this man until my sixteenth birthday.

I don't want to cry forever....

this feeling is haunting
pauses of breath i guess i wasted


is there a point to living?
there's no way you could love me
when we did what we wanted
our moves

peering past and further on
i see another standing there in my place looking scared.
lights burned out screams singing just a little softer
i figure no one is there

your the only one strong enough to claim me
yet here we are falling into pieces of a puzzle
i'm not familiar with
i hold you high and stand for the heart you pour out

So many words are left inside a storage waiting for the day when their purpose will arrive bringing them together.
I feel as though my heart is confined within a miniature box breaking because there's no room to grow.
I've noticed that even in my dreams I am not myself.
I do not feel real.

Throw my fist into your chest and rip what heart you have left out.
All that remains is the selfishness buried deep beneath it.
I wish I could say you were someone of importance but when the curtains
draw close and the lights burn out there's nothing but the darkness

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i'm just the beyond average girl. i enjoy a lot of things such as writing and drawing etc. i don't expect to get anything out of this site but i do enjoy poem creating so hopefully if you like them please don't hestiate to comment. thank you Leigh-Anna)

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Broken Broken

There i cut your lips with every lie you spread
slit your wrist for every mistake you ever made
blinded your eyes with every tear you shed
These games you played and the
roles i pretended only paying lies
i despise upon their hatred
No one knows how long i was truly broken,
broken on the out as well as in
they figure it started when you struck me with
the things you did, the wrongful acts you committed
and that i accepted
i was broken when i woke up for the first time
her last breath, his absence, her lies,
and the world's hatred towards me were how i was concieved
it's not far fetched to see i'm writing of my birth
but i ask myself as i write it all down
would my death be the same?
whatever i say it sometimes comes true
too bad my words are never delicate
i'm sorry, the truth hurts, and i'm

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Danny H 21 June 2009

HAHA also we have the same birthday: im just 94'

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Danny H 21 June 2009

You an amazing poet: you describe pain in your poems in a new extent you dont flat out describe it, its written between the lines

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