Lillian Susan Thomas Poems

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Beauty Of Imperfection

Hard shelled,
Smoothed by many currents, many tides,
Buffing it with all that sand
As waves cycle through,

*'I Am Building A Skeleton...'

I am building a skeleton within,
My first accomplishment of adulthood.
All other projects and five-year plans have failed.
And seeing others soaring on careers

A Slender Sliver Of Light

Just before the dark moon,
A slender sliver of light -
Like a piece of onion skin -
Rises into the sky near sunrise.

*hymen Splitting

I had never had a breath stir the hair along the nape of my neck until a man called the woman out of me, knowing I was untouched, untried, but yearning to feel one breathless moment in someone's arms. I did not know the lips of a man much less the thighs,
when I was first asked to bed.

And after a day's and night's deliberation, accepted. That was me: nothing on a whim back then. Everything thought through. I had for months been resorting morals to clear the way for love's approach. But no one came. All my college friends saw me as I saw myself: completely unbeautiful, completely lost in logic's cold embrace.

A Waltz Wave: Fall Leaves Fly

leaves fly
the bus

Aftermath Of Rape (Revised)

Last summer I had opened the windows over the bed
To let in the night's breeze;
But air too still drugged me to deep sleep,
Smothering me under its dead-weight heat.

*from The Stone Cut

We are the lithograph of God's Image -
Each a numbered edition
From the stone cut.
Some copies turn out faint,

*love And Silk Sheets

From the very first time
We wrapped ourselves
In a chrysalis
Of love and silk sheets,

*hunting My Wayward Heart

I am hunting my wayward heart.
I can feel that steady drum beat,
Following the ruby river
With fingertips like bloodhounds,

*leaving Rose Hips

The last of summer gardening ends.
Hoe and trowel, knee pad and sunbonnet
Hang in the shed with the shears.
The final petals of the rose have fallen,