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*hymen Splitting

Rating: 3.0

I had never had a breath stir the hair along the nape of my neck until a man called the woman out of me, knowing I was untouched, untried, but yearning to feel one breathless moment in someone's arms. I did not know the lips of a man much less the thighs,
when I was first asked to bed.

And after a day's and night's deliberation, accepted. That was me: nothing on a whim back then. Everything thought through. I had for months been resorting morals to clear the way for love's approach. But no one came. All my college friends saw me as I saw myself: completely unbeautiful, completely lost in logic's cold embrace.

How stiffly I sat on his couch - a statue with sweaty palms. Unable the first date to even touch back, I had to learn from distrust of any hand all the way to lovemaking - a crash course in six weeks - until I would allow him to enter
And pound that hot sweet pain into me,
Pound to the music of moans,
Cracking the husk of childhood,
To release the pulp of woman:

Stone-ground blood flow.
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Saadat Tahir 29 June 2009

candid raw emotion...portrayed as such but the ubderlying truth is age less and a event that no woman forgets... its like burnt in.. very well written gets to you.. and had acheieved the mark cheers

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Susan Jarvis 31 May 2009

No euphemisms here then! A truly inspirational piece, from the beguiling title to the raw honesty of the poem - superb! S :)

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ngaio beck 27 May 2009

And having found the meaning of true love, they lived happily ever after!

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Ian Bowen 22 May 2009

Wonderful piece of writing.10/10 Ian

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Dr Antony Theodore 19 August 2018

a crash course in six weeks - until I would allow him to enter And pound that hot sweet pain into me, Pound to the music of moans, .....to release the pulp of woman.......... very nice description of your first experiences.. thank u dear poetess. tony

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Ray Schreiber 27 July 2015

Beautifully done. The completeness achieved in this poem with the use of well chosen brevity is impressive... and a pleasure to read.

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 30 October 2009

Just skin to skin description and thro’ n’ thro’ marrow feeling. XX’s feeling 1st hand bold blatant Joyfully ten ++ Ms. Nivedita. UK Please read my poems with comments if you … niv

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george george 25 September 2009

I love this poem! Brings back memories......... ouch! !

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Richard Poor 02 July 2009

yes, i never understood before, from a womans view.

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