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*'I Am Building A Skeleton...'

Rating: 3.0

I am building a skeleton within,
My first accomplishment of adulthood.
All other projects and five-year plans have failed.
And seeing others soaring on careers
While I, unable yet to walk,
Have known what was the 'missing link' -
That deep bone structure of self-love.
As if born premature
and on a diet too meager of that essential mineral
To ever harden cartilage,

I remained soft as a baby's ear,
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Paul Hansford 02 August 2009

To describe this poem as an ingenious extended metaphor doesn't begin to tell its emotional content. So often we find emotions expressed without poetic craft, or well-constructed but cold writing, but the combination of craft and feeling here is wonderful.

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Sonya Florentino 11 June 2009

it takes a lot of courage to write something like this... love the imagery.....

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Sameer Ahmed 07 June 2009

Very unique and inventive metaphors have been used in the poem describing the osseous nature of the life cycle with maturity knocking at your door with every step you take. The formation of a compact skeleton is a progressive process and the more it is gradual and well mannered, the more it will ensues the creativity in oneself as it is reflected from this beautiful poem.

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Susan Jarvis 06 June 2009

An innovative metaphor crammed full of illusory intrigue, serving to elevate the emotional pain to a palpable level. This is the art of poetry at its very best. S :)

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Sally Carter 25 May 2009

Another fantastic piece of imagery Lillian. Your mastery of words reminds me how much more a painting can say than a photograph.

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