Dead Men Don't.... Poem by Linda Coker

Dead Men Don't....

Rating: 4.8

His face was still and lifeless
Like I've never seen it before
The form resembled my loved one indeed
But I really was quite unsure

The mouth had fallen open
The brow had lost its stress
Such peace surrounded this motionless man
At his horizontal rest

I leaned in for a better glimpse
Then came an alarming ROAR!
I knew right away that this stiff was mine
For dead men just don't snore! !


Wednesday, February 21, 2007
Topic(s) of this poem: humor
jack russell 21 February 2007

Amusing poem, Linda, with a clever element of surprise :) Cuts both ways though, my ex used to snore soooooo loudly, seperate rooms were soon on the menu... Best wishes. jack :)

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Chuck Audette 23 February 2007

Big smile on this one! Loved it! -chuck

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I M Swan 21 February 2007

The surprise ending made me laugh. Great poem.

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Dee Daffodil 21 February 2007

Too funny! ! ! Loved it! Hugs, Dee

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Ronald Stroman 21 February 2007

my kind of poem, that leads you here & takes you there.

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joey oo 21 February 2007

Very funny Linda - loved the twist in the tale :) Take care. Joey

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