Lorraine Margueritte Gasrel Black Poems

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Rainbow In Motion Haiku

Red, orange, yellow

green, blue, indigo- violet

Speak Of Love

Speak of Love and hearts afire soft unlayered mysteries
Bewitching captured enraptured, joyous or tortured souls
On the path one takes in every life since guiless Eve
seduced trusting Adam and lost innocence was replaced

A Haiku

Soul of brevity

deep words of meaning in life

Elegy To Time

Like rainbows dissolving or love's end
We mourn the parting of friends

As the Sun travels East to West

The Bugs Of Nature's Economic Picture

The spider spins its web and waits to ensnare prey
then carefully wraps it up to save for another day
to feed its progeny.They also kill their mates.
If you break a sector of the web the whole thing shakes


Alone we walked and in pain
As blade or thorn shall twist
Or loud the silence talked, refrained
And echoes in the mist

Africa's Soul

I have never been to Africa
I have only seen programs on TV

Verdant jungles teeming with wildlife

Sonnet: To Love (Correct Version)

Love's soft kiss as heavenly wine
Leaves the glow in morning's ray
Engraved as yours and mine
Whispered secrets shared our day

Song To A Drifter

Like the wind breathes upon the leaves
Behind are left sweet memories
You live in my heart, soul and mind
In the world you own, now left behind

August Hands

Destiny's child knows his hour
Treasured as Infinity's hand
Child of the wind sweeps eternal
A gypsy's twirl on the land

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