August Hands Poem by Lorraine Margueritte Gasrel Black

August Hands

Rating: 5.0

Destiny's child knows his hour
Treasured as Infinity's hand
Child of the wind sweeps eternal
A gypsy's twirl on the land

A brief respite from the minute
As charted by these hands
Retrieved the king and pawn, forgiven
Humbled by Eternity's hand

Each bequeathed a legacy
Time's anchor in the sand
And infinite love imparts
Hope's echo of the man

As is written in the stars
The vessel is bound to land
Mirrored the return of an image
Your ghost plays Destiny's hand.

Joseph Poewhit 03 September 2008

That last line really comes across with pizazzzzzzzzzz

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samar Halabi 06 September 2008

really great and wonderful poem full of the golden meanings I really enjoyed it Thanks a lot

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Koyel Mitra 07 September 2008

Excellent poem.A full 10 for you.

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David Threadgold 14 September 2008

Hi Lorraine. A very interesting read and most enjoyable well done Regards Dave T.

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Tj Becker 21 September 2008

Bravo! everything about this was nice. Your use of words excellent, the flow grand and your rhyme perfect. Great write: -)

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LeeAnn Azzopardi 17 September 2021

I'm lovin' it

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Heather Wilkins 03 September 2014

very nicely written it is written in the stars whatever will be will be

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Yash Shinde 03 April 2014

........imagery gives life to this are truly wonderful write.................I invite you to read.....To bosom thee.I'll rise......and comment your views...

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Kelvin Owusu 13 September 2012

this is excellently written, great job

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Sylva Portoian 11 December 2011

It is true we are ghost Till we leave the earth Evaporate Leaving a shadow That will melt... Lorraine you have endless imagination... Write and run through without exhaustion... But your name is too long for me to learn I will call 'Lorraine without exhaustion...'

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