Song To A Drifter Poem by Lorraine Margueritte Gasrel Black

Song To A Drifter

Rating: 4.9

Like the wind breathes upon the leaves
Behind are left sweet memories
You live in my heart, soul and mind
In the world you own, now left behind
O Drifter, drifter why did you go?
Adrift in the wind only time could know

You, unsettled by the roads you own
So far away you have freely flown
You touch upon the waves at sea
You wander the storms of Eternity
Drifter, drifter have you found your soul?
Unanchored, your vision sets distant goals

Untamed spirit of sapphire sky
Grave are my tears for you I cry
This wide world you call your home
Born in your heart the need to roam
Free, unchained no earthly bonds need
Drifting,'re gone take heed

While I keep yearning wistfully
It's on this sad day I set you free
To catch the winds of wilder climes
To seek your soul 'till the end of time
Drifter, drifter through life you've gone by
Forever in my heart you will never die.

Rosalita Fernandez 11 April 2009

top marks for a wonderful poem, you captured everything so beautifully!

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Edgar Andrade Baguio 23 September 2008

Now, this is what I call 'simply beautiful'. It is full of tender emotions of the persona. The touch of pure sincerity and caress that reaches out to humanity. A 10 for you my friend.

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Elle Lazarus 17 September 2008

It was purely beautiful.

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James B. Earley 14 September 2008

A 'drifter' is by nature......a drifter....and..therefore....may return....someday. And then?

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Greenwolfe 1962 06 September 2008

This song to a drifter is a special thing. I would have given it a 10 if it was perfect. It wasn't, so it only gets a 9. GW62

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Scarborough Gypsy 24 November 2009

Oh! How I love the thought of being unanchored. I can smell the salty air and feel the sea breaze blowing through my hair as I watch the distant sails of his boat become smaller and smaller. Beautiful poem. You have captured so much and this gypsy drifted away on the poems emotions and imagery.Thank You

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Andrew Blakemore 22 August 2009

A beautifully written piece Lorraine, a pleasure to read. Best wishes, Andrew

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Deborah Cromer 29 June 2009

Intensely beautiful! Vivid and descriptive, I can feel sadness and strength in it. There is a hint of understanding and acceptance, but also of wonder. Very, very good. DC

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Phillip, My poem is about the wind and the yearning to be free.I've never been a drifter so it would be difficult to write from that perspective.

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ppp sss 24 April 2009

While I stumble a bit over the last two lines, I find the whole idea of this piece enchanting! I wonder if you have written another perhaps, from the drifter's point of view?

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