Speak Of Love Poem by Lorraine Margueritte Gasrel Black

Speak Of Love

Rating: 4.6

Speak of Love and hearts afire soft unlayered mysteries
Bewitching captured enraptured, joyous or tortured souls
On the path one takes in every life since guiless Eve
seduced trusting Adam and lost innocence was replaced
by carnal knowledge and Eden's wise serpent hissing:
Mortal life is born, grows old and dies.Deities are created
and live forever! But what we share in common is LOVE!

The stars are watching long past the night
The Moon, the Sun touching the heavens to come back,
to relive the true testaments of monumental emotions
when morning dew and tranquil lake, the only witnesses
in the perfumed garden, until the nightingale breaks the silence.
Its love song floating, melting on the soft night wind.
Unfurling petals and flowering centers entice a nectar
offering their fragrance lost upon the scented breeze
then resurrects a certain glowing, carefree laughing spirit,
Ethereal Love's eternal dance from the Kama Sutra shines
when feelings of love flow as soft as Spring rain,
as gentle as the touch of entwined bodies in unison
contact forever in the moment's ecstasy of unparallel joy.

Aether's delicate Light Being: Eros, Cupid, Phanes, Ericapaeus
by any name the Love God is known seeks the equal
measurement of his Soul found in the perfect Psyche
Armor's butterfly wife whose heart and immortal fabled death
inspired beliefs that boundless love is never lost and Love
conquers all in the end.Love is all or nothing, is never indifferent
because love feels one way or the other beyond the starlit gate.

Then we speak of Love's reality and true alter- nature as it
touches Deities' and mortal hearts:
for when passions are raging in a torrential flood
and the assault of the soul's anguished tearing of the heart
broken when love isn't sated in return bears vengence
The impoverished fever burns as lust, as desires unquenched
turns hateful when spurned and in pain as Loves dual nature
slowly extinguishes the dying flames.
The spark survives until we can care again to ignite when passions play.

So I beseeched the great winged Eros: Speak to me of Love! ! ! !
Tell me what is true! Did you write The Book Of Love?
And do You collect all human works inspired by You?
Can your loving heart ease or send a balm that soothes
a long lost love? Can you return that lover to me?
Is there really a Love Bug?
Are we meant to love only one or everyone?
Does love bloom in the soul's garden ready to be picked
by the brave adventurer?
Are they the winners, those once bitten, willing to take another
spinning chance in Love's eternal game?
Is love at first sight true?
Does Love's deliberate philosophy set aquiver
Soul's burning arrow sent from the hopeful bow
to join two sides of the yearning heart as soulmates unite?

Sing of Love's eternal song fulfilled, tossed away or
as a storylined passion then bring its torch of burning light
to me and you to conquer, to feel, to know, to savor its power!
For love is the greatest mystery revealed to be cherished,
experienced and shared as the strongest of human emotions
forever touched by the wirling angelic wings of Love's living Heart
that buzzes and flys and breathes in the divinely inspired force and
Fate's enlightened thought that steers the stars and guides our golden universe.

O winged double-edged dagger plunging deep into my core then twist!
Leave a timeless message in its blows: despair, disbelief or infinite sustaining love
The one forbidden feeling You claim is sent from Your realm only to bring
tumultuous love sacrificing tempting love whose misty essence is beyond our
reach but touches the joyful heart or surrenders to in fear this gift
once promised faithfully and now returned unto the Angel's share!
Then speak of Love's fluttering butterfly soul and its heartfelt kiss
shot from the enraptured arrowed paradox that speaks of Love me
or love me not.

'O you mortal fool! 'cries the winged Deity' Don't hesitate! !
My arrows are true and fated'.And the coiled serpent hisses
'Look before you leap! Then if you are certain and sure reach for
the promised gift of Life's seed that calls to you from Paradise
and cherish the everblooming rosy fruit of Love that beats
in our hearts and souls entwined forevermore! '


I liked your poem for it's unique quality of 'reading like a play'....The drama of Love in the ancient of days.... Leading us to a fate that will never be allowed to escape us....It seems mankind is on the path of love and destruction because we cannot avoid it... Awesome poem....sis

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Deborah Cromer 01 July 2009

This piece is amazing! I have to read it a few more times just to take in more of it. One reading is not enough. DC

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Existential Despair 07 June 2009

I wanted to pick out a sentence to add to my comment to no fruition because i'd end up reposting your poem. This is truly a gifted write and easily made its way into mypoemlist. As I read I feared it would end to my relief it was thankfully long.worth a perfect score! ! ! !

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Me Myself And I... 03 June 2009

This is very, very good...if not great...a long but worthy read...a 10+ from me..nice...xx

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quite and encompassing write.. beautiful

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Chinedu Dike 02 March 2020

A free flight of creativity on winged imagination. Lovely piece of poetry that resonates with the soul, well penned with literary conviction. Powerfully and movingly brought forth.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 31 March 2019

Unfurling petals and flowering centers entice a nectar. Love transfers nice fragrance. An excellent poem this is.

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Muzahidul Reza 23 February 2018

speak of Love's reality and true alter, ....... well penned, thanks for sharing the poem with us

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Tom Allport 23 February 2018

a wonderful poem of the different languages love entwines in it's epic journey to conquer all worlds? .....................well written Lorraine

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Kumarmani Mahakul 23 February 2018

Impressive write. Beautiful poem.

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