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Money trail reveals factor
To assemble humans follow layout
Swat down charges with linguistic racket
Sticks more effective than carrot dangle

are we nothing more than someone's son,
the sum of our parts, an equation,
unbalanced inside of history,
lives on loan from those who came before,

emotion, that current producing naught,
the illusion of forward momentum,
as your feet sink deeper into the sand,
I set my strength against this subjection,


Taken as a given
Connection pivots upon pure affection

beat, bellow and decay,
is there nothing more,
cold liquid crimson,
colorful tainting,


default, your domain undisputed,
a challenge to accept,
that we are the exception,
never asking exemption,

the martyrs' dream remains unfulfilled,
we race toward immortality,
not having learned to live,
searching for succinct sentiments,


twelve years, old friend,
I was always here
they've all sailed away,
I'm always here,

darkness no longer frightens,
no monsters lurk here, save one
save me,
the mirror is blind to it,

how many times can one say never,
again, I just wanted to forget,
push all the feeling from the center,
trying to give you another life,

can we become better than we are
to be our brother's keeper, complete
allow all else to fall by the way
silent and constant is always strong

come dream the moonlit night,
light enchanting softly,
belfry tolls time between,
so keen the heart awakes,


what to do for spilt blood,
naught else but to write,
urgently before it dries,
dies, these words,

in latter days people became discontent,
they turned and constructed graven images,
two were They, and on each was written a name,
and the name of the first was Liberation,


another biting word,
another tooth, dead and fallen,
cotton mouth vipers spewing,
venom from fragmented fangs,


I remember when the stars
did not move,
did not follow,
did not gaze back with intent

those always able are best after action,
learn to copy cost, then do daily,
lines give form, space their full idea,
only shadows still live, know machines lead,


why should I ask your name,
who are fearful and wonderful,
a mystery beyond my mind,
from without space and time,

action is intrinsic in one,
from only one it is endowed,
to the many this truth is blind,
creating only pretense,

The Best Poem Of Luke Hobbs

Number Of Man (Webster's Ninth)

Money trail reveals factor
To assemble humans follow layout
Swat down charges with linguistic racket
Sticks more effective than carrot dangle
Arguments sustained by pundits' jangle
Beached on shallow force Fed truths we paddle

Pedantic pets get paddle
First world states where offspring are a factor
Searching for meaning results in jangle
Pogroms programmed in digital layout
Preach peace while children from clotheslines dangle
Dichotomy the full courtpress racket

Tax credit skin trade racket
Birth control for those learning to paddle
Tout facts as contexts, like syntax, dangle
Infrastructure to control the factor
Roman Rhodes lead all through latent layout
Deaf ears strain to hear warning bell's jangle

Legalized fictions jangle
Integration catalyzed by racket
A body of work produced for layout
Leaves us without proverbial paddle
Multiply the lie to find the factor
What tales are told from the yardarm dangle

Join the police state dangle
Riot inciting projection jangle
Plausibility denying factor
The legislative extortion racket
Brings independence beneath the paddle
All contingencies covered by layout

Camp Kapos marked for layout
Every scapegoat has his day to dangle
No room for slaves who refuse to paddle
Loose lips fill shipping lanes by their jangle
Synthetic avatars fuel our racket
Never ask what long term effects factor

Layout a dialectic to jangle
Dangle clues via distracting racket
Paddle but fail to account for the Factor

© L.K. Hobbs 2018

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