Malabika Ray Choudhury Poems

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Woman In My Dream

My dream was to be a Jane Austen - or a Virginia Woolfe, whose 'stream of consciousness' touched the world,
or Kadambari - the muse who inspired the Bard in Bengali Literature.

a few fearless women -

With Your Eyes

I am enjoying everything! With your eyes!
the incessant rain on a valley, the blessing of a sun-kissed day,
the snow-capped mountain-peaks,
the glorious sandy beach, the glow

Princess Of The Alluring Hamlet

when for a hushed moment I close my eyes,
all I see is a dreamlike abode…
cradled among an enchanting landscape…
of roses, and dahlias, and chrysanthemums,

A Hundred Words

you wished, you would travel the world with me,
but didn't say a word,
how would I know what your thought was,
unless you opened your heart?


If my life is like a river, not all pebbles are shiny;

If my life is like a flower, not all petals are smooth;

Dui Pakhi (Two Birds) - Translation From Rabindranath Tagore

The caged bird was in a golden cage,

The bird from the woods in the forest,

Shadharan Meye - (An Ordinary Girl) - Translation from Rabindranath Tagore

I am a girl from the inner court,
You don't know me.

Beauty, Inside And Out

If I say,
you are exquisitely beautiful!
To me, Apsara in Indian myths!
You laugh, and don't believe me at all!

Basanta (Spring - Poem In Bengali)

বসন্ত এলো দ্বারে,  কি যে কথা বলি তারে!
নিয়ে এসো পলাশের রং,  ভরে দাও মোর থালি,
 সুরের আবেশ দাও মোর গানে,
 কোকিলের কুহূতানে উঠুক সঞ্চারি!

That Twenty-One

the yellow bird is back to the tranquil meadow where my soul finds true repose,
she didn't leave me....
I speak to her every day,
she tweets back with glee!

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