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I am a teacher in Canada, Creative writing is my passion. My early years were spent in India, and some later years in the Middle East. I am finally settled in Canada, and enjoying my teaching profession. Writing is my first passion, but I also learn, practise and enjoy music and art. I am an avid reader from my early childhood - I read both epic and modern writers - from Iliad, Odyssey and Shakespeare to P.G. Wodehouse, to Elena Ferrante and Kazuo Ishiguro. The book which is always on my desk is Gitanjali, the collection of songs by Rabindranath Tagore, the Nobel-laureate Poet Of India.

Poetry is an expression of thoughts, feelings and reflections. My life-experiences get expressed in my poems and short stories. I prefer expressing my reflections and thoughts with simplicity (avoi ...

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Bulent Karaalioglu 08 July 2019

It really is great to have the poem of the day and thank you for bringing us this poem

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Subhas Chandra Chakra 09 March 2018

I feel honoured to have discovered such a great poet of our times in you. I pray God to keep you alive and active in this field for many more years. Thanks for being in our site, the Poem Hunter.

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The Best Poem Of Malabika Ray Choudhury

Woman In My Dream

My dream was to be a Jane Austen - or a Virginia Woolfe, whose 'stream of consciousness' touched the world,
or Kadambari - the muse who inspired the Bard in Bengali Literature.

a few fearless women -
Debjani, and Gandhari, and Draupadi, from Indian classics,
but before anyone else,
I want to be the woman who appears in my dream!

never went to school, she was not allowed,
picked up any paper when sweeping the floor,
and read - she was warned - women became widows if they read,
she was unstoppable!

she had ten kids - two still-births,
she cooked for thirty people every day, ate after she fed everyone,
she hand-knitted blankets, to keep children warm,
prayed every day for everyone she knew
and for the universe.

my grandmother, and so many women like her,
started a revolution, carried the torch,
Without realizing the legacy they left for us,
the burden they lifted for us!
did they see us - the women of today
in the horizon?

the modern, liberated, emancipated women,
we are today,
we go to school and choose our career,
we decide to marry or not, who to marry,
we raise our children with confidence,

we don't ask for money, we earn money,
we lead, we invent, we do miracles.

sorry Jane Austen, I would rather be my Grandma's granddaughter,
before anyone else!

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